Thursday, August 24, 2006

#810,202 of things that should be illegal but aren't:

Beauty pageants for children.

I know it's been in the news lately, what with Jon Benet and all, but seriously, how are these things not child abuse?

I mean, look at the kind of pictures these people take of their children.

That's a picture of a real girl, it's not a doll.

Look at this bunch of zombies. I am so sick of the excuse that, "She loves to do it!"

Even if that's true, which it obviously isn't, judging by the blank look on many of their faces, it doesn't make it right.

If a kid drinks a beer, he may actually like it. A lot. But does that mean it's not wrong?

Each one of these pictures is a caption-contest waiting to happen.


Anonymous Tim said...

Oh my god. That's going to rattle my mind for a week. Holy shit. Jesus fucking christ that's the most horrible thing I've ever seen. That's worse than innocent children being torn apart by bomblets in Afghanistan because the zeitgeist that created those photos are responsible for the wanton bomblet-ing. Look ye, into the cauldron of hell that spawned genocide and talk of Paris Hilton not being a dumb cunt.

I followed over from hollywoodphony. I think I may have seen you around UCB? You take classes there?

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Ali said...

Once, when I was working my first children's photography job, I saw one of these kids. But it was an 8 month old baby. She had all kinds of sashes and a tiara that was probably heavier than she was. Her mother wanted to get a picture of her with all those sashes. And she wanted her to wear the tiara. And sit in a chair. But there was a problem. The baby was 8 months old, so she couldn't sit up, much less wear the tiara. These women live in some kind of fantasy world where their children are just trophies. Those pictures make that Jon Bennet look less scary.

9:46 AM  

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