Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hype on a plane

Well, I feel somewhat vindicated.

Snakes on a Plane opened to modest numbers.

I didn't really see what the fuss was about.

Just like with any other pop-culture phenomenon, I get wary of anything that is too universally praised or anticipated.

I had a bunch of friends whose opinions really matter to me tell me that it was awesome and I had to see it, but I can't be swayed from my original stance.

Was it the title? I mean, I've had people explain it to me that way. "I just heard the name of the movie and I knew it would be awesome!"

Was it the internet blitz? I'll be honest, I sent out probably a hundred phone calls to people.

Was it the premise? Because, I have to say, they make these things all the time. There are tons of crappy "thriller" movies with bad special effects, campy acting and plotlines, but why so much attention on this one?

Which leads me to my theory: Samuel L. Jackson.

"Snakes on a Plane" starring Casper Van Diem: 3 million dollars. Straight to video.

"Snakes on a Plane" starring the guy who played Mace Windu: National theatrical release.

I believe it was this bit of credibility which put the momentum behind the ridiculous internet hype-fest. Seeing a guy who's got millions of dollars, who is a respected actor who does really good films starring in a stupid piece of shit with a ridiculous title intrigued people.

If people wanna get excited for a crappy movie, I'm normally not one to rain on their parade (see Showgirls), but I draw the line on people taking ownership of the experience as if it's their favorite little indie band that hit it big.

What do I mean? I hate when people sit there and tell me that I can't like a band as much as they do because they have been fans longer than I have or they saw them at some tiny club 4 years ago before they hit it big. This is usually followed with a "back when they were good and hadn't sold out". Lame.

Incredibly enough, people have taken this attitude and applied it to Snakes on a Plane. I have had many friends tell me it's probably the kind of thing you should see on opening weekend, with a packed theater full of people yelling things out at the screen. Fair enough. But when some jackass tells me that I've missed my chance at our generation's Woodstock because now the real fans have already seen it, call me crazy, but I want to murder that person.

So, in summation:

I am smart and perfect.

You are dumb.

I should be allowed to murder you.

There. Now that's settled, I'm gonna get a burger or something.


Blogger Christian Evans said...

It's not good, nor awesome. But it is so awesomely bad that it was pretty fun to watch and make fun of. The crowd has a lot to do with that.

5:25 PM  

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