Thursday, August 03, 2006

Really, the guy without a beard from Clerks? Really?

OK, so usually I post blogs on my regular blog, and then just repost them here, but I think it's time for a change. I'm still gonna do that, but in addition, I'm also gonna do shorter, more topical blogs for my myspace-only blog.

My literary agents and my management team think it's best if I keep my regular blog strictly for my fiction writing, as they'll often direct interested parties to it, to check out my work.

Funny story, apparently Terri told some producer in New York to check me out, I guess they were thinking about me doing some re-writes for American Wedding 2, so he goes to my blog and sees some thing where I won't shut up about my new favorite bacon (the kind in a box that you don't need to cook or refrigerate YUM!). Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

Anyway, that brings me to this post. I read this article on about Clerks II and right at the bottom I saw this little nugget about a possible Clerks III:

Smith said he would not rule that out, and he hopes to do a straight-to-video animated "Clerks" movie. But a third live-action film would be a tough sell for Anderson, who only agreed to do "Clerks II" after a lot of arm-twisting.

"If Kevin thought he had a hard time convincing me to do number two, he's in for a real battle to do number three," said Anderson, who initially thought the sequel was a bad idea but signed on because he liked the script. "This one's a very nice bookend to 'Clerks,' and I think the ending is really poignant."

In case you're wondering, that's Jeff Anderson, who plays Randal Graves (not the guy with the beard who kinda looks like Kevin Smith, the other guy) in the Clerks movies, as well as everything else Kevin Smith has ever done and also in ... oh, that's right... NOTHING.

I'm sure you don't want my advice, bud, but here it is: Shut the hell up.

There isn't a person on the face of the earth who isn't sure you'd drink a milkshake made out of Kevin Smith's grandmother's pubic hair if he asked you to. You see your house? Your car? That tracksuit you wear when you're mowing Kevin's lawn? Get the point?

Arm-twisting? This guy's got some balls.

"Hey guy without the beard from Clerks, if you can't make it to that Sam Goody opening in Teaneck because you're too busy shooting a major motion picture, I'm sure they'll get Willie Ames or Mayim Bialik to do it instead. Don't sweat it."

What a douchebag. I might post this on my regular blog anyway, fuck Terri.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he doesn't want to be an actor.

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